Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night is a really big night in England and is surrounded by a lot of tradition and history (read up on it here if you're interested, soooo of course we're going to get involved and go and watch some fireworks! There are lots of different fireworks displays around London, all happening on different days, but one of the best ones takes place at Battersea Park.

We'll be heading here together on Saturday 8th of November and it'll be a really great night with a fire show, fireworks and a massive bonfire! You will also be able to buy traditional Bonfire Night food, such as popcorn, candyfloss and most importantly toffee apples! However, if anyone wants to try making some toffee apples (or any other tasty creations) and bringing them along, that is also welcome :)

Tickets are currently £6.50 online but THEY GO UP TO £8 AFTER THIS FRIDAY!!!! So it is very important you book your tickets ASAP here! Also, tickets to this fireworks display sell out every year as it's very popular with Londoners. There is a booking charge for online booking, so you're best booking in groups.

We will meet at Evelyn Gardens on the night and walk there all together (it's a lovely walk and not very far, plus all the public transport is very busy due to the firework display...)

We can't wait to see you there!!!! :D

08/11/2014 - 18:00
£6.50 until 31st October, £8 after
  • Everyone is invited.