We're going together to visit the beautiful historic city of Cambridge! This is a great place to visit whilst you are studying in London because it's only 45 minutes from Kings Cross on the train and it's a really nice change from London. It's much smaller but full of beautiful colleges, some of them more than 800 years old!

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST BUY YOUR OWN TRAIN TICKET. We will not be buying them for you as this always ends up a mess if people are late/can no longer come! 

We're going to take the train because the coach takes twice as long and is only a bit cheaper. So we're going to catch the 10.14am that gets to Cambridge at 11am. If you really want to take the coach instead, you can take it an hour earlier and meet us in Cambridge :) The best idea for the train (and the coach) is to book an **OPEN OFF PEAK DAY RETURN** (£16.50) to Cambridge and then you can come back to London whenever you like in the evening. You can buy these online or in the station on the day as the price of these won't go up. If you want to book a specific train back then it's better to book online as the price of specific trains will go up over time. NB: IF YOU'RE BUYING TICKETS IN THE STATION MAKE SURE YOU GET THERE WELL IN ADVANCE AS THERE ARE OFTEN QUEUES FOR THE TICKET MACHINE! And unfortunately we cannot all wait for you if you're late - you'll have to find us in Cambridge later.

So when we get to Cambridge I (Julia) will be giving us a tour of the city! I grew up in Cambridge so will be able to show you around all the colleges as well as the best places to get food/coffee. We will also be planning some other activities (hopefully punting!) - more info to come on that soooooon! :)

  • Everyone is invited.