Looking to meet new people and enjoy good food? Then join our running dinner on the 31st of January!

So what is a running dinner? The basic idea is to pair up and cook a meal where you will host other participating pairs, then in return others host you for the meals they prepare. In total you will eat a three course meal (one in your kitchen and two in other participants kitchens).

With your partner and you choose whether you want to prepare either an appetiser, main course or dessert. For the course that you prepare 2 other pairs will join you to dine and drink. For the courses you don't prepare you will be hosted by a different pair at their kitchen (along with one other new pair). The idea is simply to dine, drink and have a good time!

Still interested? Then...
- Sign up using the form (one per pair, download from:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6onke7kt36xan2s/AADHeTxHG8Q-Ohxtufar0CTNa?dl=0)
- Email it to us (erasmus@imperial.ac.uk)
- Buy the “Running Dinner” product on the union website (3₤ per person). 

All earnings we make will be going to charity! (Details on charity to be announced)

This is essentially inspired from “Rudi Rockt” which many of you from Germany may be familiar with (https://www.rudirockt.de/en).

---What do I need to participate?---
- Kitchen: to prepare your food in and somewhere to host 4 other people (2 pairs). 
- Partner: you and your partner will cook together and be hosted by other pairs together. However, if you do not have a partner feel free to sign up on your own and we will find you a partner

We're all students so no one is expecting a 5 star restaurant in terms of quality or service. Food, drink and in case you don't have a dining table a kitchen counter will do!

However, since London is a big place we are going to limit the locations of allowed kitchens to the following postal code zones: SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10, W2, W6, W8, W14. If you are on the border or not sure whether your kitchen is in the above zones just ask and we are happy to figure it out for you, these zones aren't set in stone.

---What do I need to do and when?---
25th of January - Email us the completed form (one per pair) by this date, you can download the form at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6onke7kt36xan2s/AADHeTxHG8Q-Ohxtufar0CTNa?dl=0. This is to allow both us adequate time to pair you up and you to prepare a recipe, groceries etc. Please do not forgot to buy the product by this date as well. 

26th of January – Confirmation and details will be sent to you. We will inform you what course you will prepare, who you are hosting, who is hosting you and where, when the different courses are etc.

31st of January – Day of the running dinner. 
- Appetiser 5:00pm
- Main Course 7:00pm
- Dessert 9:00pm
- Afterwards we will have our weekly pub night. Come along to meet all the other participants and finish off the night with a few drinks :)

Be sure to allow enough time between meals to get to where you need to be next!

31/01/2015 - 17:00
£3 (to go to charity)
  • Everyone is invited.