Better than a bank.
Your money, your way.

A new age of banking

With every purchase you will receive a notification helping you to always keep on top of spending. Direct from the app, you can lock your card at any time. You can track spending across multiple cards for the first time in one place.  All your spending categorised in your smart Curve app. 

Travel right with Curve

All round the world, Curve gives your awesome FX rates on all your bank cards. That’s right! Spend via any of your credit or debit cards abroad without batting eyelid. 

Time Travel is here

Paid for something with the wrong card? We got you. Just Go Back in Time. Find the transaction in the app and move it over to the card you wanted to use. 

1% instant Curve Cash cashback from all your favourite retailers

Choose from a list of over 100 retailers including Amazon, Uber, Starbucks and more and earn 1% straight away. Can you beat the customer record of £196 received in cashback in a month?